Rave is the Ultimate Xperience. If u understand true raving, u would see how wonderful it is... Rave is all about love, peace, acceptabelity and pure fun. I mostly love the vibe i got at Raves, it's not like other alternative/metal clubs that the most ppl think they're are better and look more underground than u. A rave is like a big family get-together.... alot of different ppl from different places, get together and have a good time Accessories ecklaces braclets gloves whistle wallet chain glasses hat/visor stickers glitter laminates kid's umbrella faux eye lashes head band ear muffs suspenders Toys playdoug gak stress ball random kid toys baby keys bubbles bubble gun Mickey View MasterTM rainbow slinky squirt gun Tools filter masks water bottel carry strap unity wrist bands flourescent crayons rave book disposable camera flourescent highlighter small container (plastic egg) vibrating massager/massager - pen squirt bottle battery operated fan/hand fan body lotion motion lotion hand creme flashlights band-aids walkie-talkies laser tag sets ear plugs Pharmaceudicals Ginseng Vivarin/No Doz Mini Thins/Ephedrine Tums Tylenol Vics Inhaler Peppermint Essential Oil Lights bike light glos stix light sword glow belt glow necklace glow worm oral glow stick Candy gummy bears Sweet Tarts PEZ Menthol Cough Drops Pixxie Stix Star Bursts Twizzlers Blow Pops/Dum Dum Pops gum ( Ice Breakers Money Entrance Fee Water gas money Train Money Attitude Smiles Hugs Kisses Emergency Items Tampons Pads Pantie Liners Saftey Pins Duckt Tape Luggage Back Pack Fannie Pack Suitcase on wheels Lunch Box Essentials Car Keys ID/Driver's License you need that too!) Pager/Cell Phone House Keys (It's 7Am in the morning, you look'n'feel like shit, & you locked yourself out of your home

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